Saman Nassim, the political prisoner on death row is in imminent danger...

Saman Nassim, the political prisoner on death row is in imminent danger of execution

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    Saman Nassim is being held in ward 12 of Urumieh (Darya) prison. In protest to inhumane conduct of the prison officials, he has started a hunger strike together with 26 other political prisoners. Charged with armed altercation and murder of a member of the Iranaian Revolutionary Guard, he was sentenced to death at age 17. His execution order has since been confirmed by Iran’s Supreme Court. Saman Nassim has denied the charges and has claimed that he merely made shots in the air.

    After 25 days of this group’s hunger strike in ward 12 of Urumieh prison, Saman’s physical condition severely deteriorated and he was transferred to the prison hospital while unconscious. At the hospital, he refused to receive food intravenously, but with utmost cruelty and shamelessness, the prison officials threatened to execute him if he did not end his hunger strike. In these conditions, Saman announced: “I will not end my hunger strike until our demands are realized, even if I am killed.”

    The protesting prisoners are all in severe physical conditions and the prison officials are not addressing any of their demands. Instead with utmost cruelty, the Islamic regime threatens them to exile, torture and execution. These are prisoners who for several years have been tortured, humiliated, insulted and have been waiting to be executed. The ruling ISIS (Islamic State) of Iran has created the worst possible conditions for political prisoners, holding these prisoners in different wards with other inmates, and treating them in the most horrendous way.

    This is the nature of the Islamic Republic and its rulers who talk about improvement of human rights in Iran in international media, and shamelessly announce that there are no political prisoners in Iran. In many cities, the Islamic Republic makes arrests and tortures on a daily basis, creates fictitious cases for those arrested with charges like “combating god” and “corruption on earth”, …. And executes!

    The flagrant crimes of the Islamic Republic have to be widely protested. The International Committee Against Execution asks international communities, human rights entities, organizations against capital punishment and all the people in the world to support Saman Nassim and other political prisoners in ward 12 of Urumieh prison, and to show serious reaction in support of these prisoners and particularly Saman Nassim who was under the age of 18 when he was sentenced to death.

    The Secretariat of the International Committee Against Execution

    December 14, 2014