Help Rojan and help us save Soheil Arabi!

Help Rojan and help us save Soheil Arabi!

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    Rojan is 5 years old and her father is about to be executed these days in Iran. Rojan needs her father, and this is a call to all people around the world: Help Rojan and help us save Soheil Arabi!

    Soheil Arabi is sentenced to death due to activity on facebook. Supposedly, he insulted the Prophet Mohammed and should therefore be punished by death accoring to the iranian government.

    Soheil is a young man who, like thousands in Iran, jokes and criticizes Islamic laws and the inhumane actions, especially to young people, through facebook. Now the Islamic regime has one of these millions of young people, and wants with his execution intimidate all young and critical people. Bloggers in Iran have always had problems with the regime. Proposed death sentence for facebook postings is the tip of an inhuman brutality against freedom of expression in Iran.

    Last week, the High Court has upheld the death sentence against Soheil Arabi in Iran and Soheil can be executed at any time.

    The “International Committee Against Execution” calls all people, all secularists and atheists, all human rights organizations: Help us save Soheil Arabi! Help save Rojans beloved father!

    International Committee Against Execution