Protest against execution, humiliation and torture of homosexuals in Iran and Islamic...

Protest against execution, humiliation and torture of homosexuals in Iran and Islamic countries!

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     To organizations defending the rights of homosexuals around the world!

    Protest against death sentences of Hossein Shool and Alireza Firooz-Abadi, charged with homosexuality!

    The International Committee against Execution in Iran invites all organizations defending homosexuals to start a widespread, international movement to defend the rights of homosexuals in Islamic countries, including Iran.

    Based on news received from Iran, two individuals in Sirjan and Bandar Abbas have been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

    The 27 year-old Mojtaba Mohilpour was sentenced in the criminal court of Sirjan presided by Judge Tohidi. Also charged with homosexuality, Hassan Hayati was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in branch 1 of the criminal court of Hormozgan Province, presided by Judge Ab-roshan.

    Hassan Hayati was first arrested and imprisoned at age 16. He was again arrested later for homosexuality and has now been in prison for seven years.

    These are only examples of the barbaric and inhuman treatment of homosexuals by the Islamic Government. Hassan Hayati’s only crime is his inclination toward his own sex and for that, he has been in prison for 7 years.

    Hossein Shool and Alireza Firooz-Abadi have been sentenced to death merely because they are homosexuals.

    The worldwide community and particularly, defendants of homosexual rights have to observe this tragedy and protest against the crimes of Islamic governments and Islamic terror gangs.

    The lives of homosexuals are in danger in countries where Islamic terror gangs such as ISIS have a presence and power. In 2015, ISIS brutally murdered several homosexuals and threw a number of them off of cliffs in Iraq and Syria.

    While homosexual parades and festivities are held in European countries and in conditions when the European countries as well as the United States – pressured by homosexual rights movement – have backed down and recognized homosexual marriages, the painful and serious conditions of homosexuals in Islamic countries should not be ignored.

    The International Committee Against Execution is initiating an international movement in defense of homosexuals in Islamic countries, and is inviting all to assist us by joining a campaign to save the homosexual death-row inmates in Iran and other Islam-stricken countries.

    The Secretariat of the International Committee Against Execution

    July 11, 2015