In the Central Penitentiary of Karaj a few individuals are in solitary...

In the Central Penitentiary of Karaj a few individuals are in solitary cells and tens of people are worried about getting executed.

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    The names of 50 death row inmates in this prison!


    The execution machinery of the Islamic republic kills everyday and the death row inmates are in fear 24 hours a day!

    The secretariat of the International Committee Against Execution has received the news from Karaj’s Central Penitentiary that starting a week ago, the Islamic Republic of Iran has started transferring a number of death row inmates (for drug related charges) to solitary cells. The Regime is showing the these inmates, their families and other death row inmates that it is executing fewer people these days due to religious holidays such as the celebration of the birth of Ali, etc. but they intend to carry out more executions. These kinds of threats by the prison guards and the Regime have caused many of those convicted of drug charges to be frightened of getting executed these days.


    Sources have told the International Committee Against Execution: “Since last Saturday till today that is the birthday of Imam Ali and also the 3 days of Secretion, a number of people have been in solitary confinement and in extreme emotional torment.”


    Zahed Molla-Zehi, Ahmad Hatami-Kia, Ahmad Zartoshti, Reza Teymouri and Mohsen Abbasi-Zadeh are the prisoners who have been in Solitary confinement since last Sunday, April 26, 2015.


    The death row inmates waiting in line and fear of executions in prisons

     A large number of prisoners in the Central Penitentiary of Karaj are those sentences to death. They are worried about their fate and ask international institutions and those opposing execution to protest this new wave of executions and to save their lives.


    The International Committee Against Execution tries to gradually publish the names of these young prisoners of the Islamic Republic and asks their families and the people of Iran to protest these executions. We will try to bring these names up in international circles and prevent these sentences to be carried out through organizing international protests.


    The following is the list of 50 inmates who are concerned about getting executed at the Central Penitentiary of Karaj within the next few days:


    1- Omid Mohamadi Darani

    2-Gholamreza Mirzai

    3-Saeed Zangene

    4-Massoud Kermanjani

    5-Ali Piroz

    6-Behnam Mojahedfar

    7-Salar Shahmoradi

    8-Hasan Abasi

    9-Yaghob Ghadmi

    10-Kambiz Shahbazi

    11-Siros Cheshteh

    12- Mehdi Aflaki

    13-Iraj TizMaghz

    14-Payam Irvani

    15-Babak Majidi

    16-Shahram Khosravi

    17-Ali Yosefi

    18- Mostafa Jamshidi

    19-Mohamad Kia Kiamehr

    20-Alireza Moradi

    21-Akbar Safii

    22-Mohamad Hasanzadeh

    23-Reza Nazari

    24-Heshmat Abasi

    25-Asghar Amiri

    26-Ali Madadpor

    27- Mehdi Rostami

    28-SayedBagher Khanmohamadi

    29-Abas Bagherzadeh

    30-Mehdi Bagherzadeh

    31-Majid Rezai

    32-Alimohamad Hamzehloi

    33-Naser Mohsenikia

    34- Farshad Kalhor Saeedpor

    35-Hasan Miladgazi

    36-Hadi Moghadami

    37-Majid Farjad

    38-Farhad Dadashpor

    39-Majid Dai

    40- Afshar Safari

    41-Mehdi Nikpor

    42-Reza Karampor

    43-Abas Zafari

    44-Zahed Molazehi

    45-Ahmad Hatemi

    46-Ahmad Zartoshti

    47-Reza Taimori

    48-Mohsen Abasi


    50-Arman Bahrami


    The International committee Against Execution is concerned for the well being of a large number of death row inmates in Iran. The news indicates that the executions are continuing in all the cities in Iran and the Islamic Republic of Iran intends to execute more individuals. We have to be united and protest against these horrific crimes.


    The Secretariat of the International committee Against Execution

    May 3, 2015