The Call by 12 Detainees in Rajaei Shahr Prison in Karaj, Iran,...

The Call by 12 Detainees in Rajaei Shahr Prison in Karaj, Iran, in  Support for April 25 protest, the International Day against Execution

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    The 25 April is The International Day in Protest Against Execution!

    Today, our country respect to its population is on top ranking position in capital punishment.   With excuses as Retribution, drug smuggling, political believes human beings are being hanged every day.  It is scary tragedy which thousands human beings are waiting for execution in Iran.  They are waiting to be dragged from  deep and dark solitary confinement and hanged every moment. It is like sheep herded to the slaughterhouse with difference  that they do know what they should be  waiting for. The men and women sentenced to death, every moment, live with the nightmare of rope and gallows and cranes and hear the news of the death of someone, think the same fate for themselves any moments.

    In the past two weeks alone, this inhuman regime hanged more than 80 people.  There is no end to the depths of this tragedy for their families, their communities, indeed, for all of us: humanity has been sentenced to death.

    The impact of the depravity of this regime is not limited to the Retribution and execution of individuals. There are also broad social psychological repercussions of such barbarity, which explicitly cultivates and justifies violent retaliation among people, and in doing so, reproduces relations of cruelty and brutality among individuals and society. A small example of the damaging effects of such a political Islam culture can be seen in Rajaei Shahr Prison, and Ghezel Hesar Prison, where for many years, thousands of people have been send willingly and unwillingly into the prison wards, including those who have not committed any crime, to suffer while waiting for the moment of death. Including the killing of one or more connective, are to form the new case, and back to take his revenge on society while other political prisoners waiting for death sentences . The adverse psychological effects resulting from the fear and the reality of executions are transmitted to friends, family and the community. Scattered along these pathways, the seeds of social violence and insecurity take root and grow, contributing to a climate in which the rate of executions in Iran has accelerated at a unbelievable  pace.

    The inhumanity that permeates the system, from the interrogators and judges, prison guards, the judiciary, law enforcement, military and security, all the way up to the Supreme Leader, plays a central role in the cycle of repression of individual and social human rights – a repression that is replicated and amplified across the communities,  the country, and then projected across borders to create crisis and the spread of war in the region and the world wide.

    For this reasons, we urge The Campaign Against Execution to prevent reproduction of insecurity and violence  in society done by the Islamic state rulers. They produce violence through tortures, executions, retribution and etc.. . We urge “The campaign Against Execution”  for continuation of discussion and dialogue through various protest campaigns to make society a safer place to live  for its citizens. We embrace the victims’ families with strong feelings of empathy, we call for national protest against the death penalty, and we especially urge the international community to raise awareness of the current situation in Iran, and stand in vocal and public opposition to execution.

    Political Prisoners in Rajaei Shahr Prison, Iran

    23 April 2015

    1- Farid, Azmoudeh

    2- Amir, Amirqholi

    3- Soheil, Babadi

    4- Mohammad, Jarahi

    5- Iraj, Hatami

    6- Khalid, Hardani

    7- Afshin, Hairatian

    8- Shahrokh, Zamani

    9- Mehdi, Shandiz

    10- Saeed, Shirzad

    11- Heshmatollah, Tabarzadei

    12- Alireza, Farahani