40 individuals were transferred to solitary confinement for execution

40 individuals were transferred to solitary confinement for execution

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    Based on the latest reports just received by the secretariat office of the International Committee Against Execution, on Saturday April 11, 2015 16 individuals, who are on death row for drug related charges at the central penitentiary of Karaj, were transferred to solitary cells.


    These individuals were transferred to solitary cells from wards 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the central penitentiary of Karaj.


    Following are the names of the inmates in each ward who were transferred to solitary confinement:

    Ayat Roodbari, Shahram Golpour, Alireza Moradi, Hasan Abolhasani and Hamed Nabizadeh from ward 2;

    Shahab Karimi, Hamid Farajloo, Ahmad Malekizadeh, Ali Mohammad Lorestani from ward 3;

    Mostafa Jamshidi, Amir Niazi, Ali Yousefi from ward 4 and;

    Saeed Pourmohammad from ward 5.


    An informed source reported: “Tomorrow all the families will be granted visits and the day after, they will all be executed.”


    An unverified source mentioned that the number of transferred individuals for execution from the central penitentiary of Karaj is approximately 40. However, to avoid riots some of them have been transferred to nearby prisons, including Ghazvin prison.


    A large number of these convicts are under the age of 30 and each of them has been sentenced to death for possession of a few Grams of drug.


    After the concession made in the nuclear deal, the Islamic Republic of Iran plans to execute a large number of death row inmates to show its venomous might and to scare the masses. ( As in the First such a concession on the late summer of 1988 to make ceasefire with Iraq in the 8 years war, they had to execute  thousands political prisoners for the same purposes during two weeks time frame as they are trying to do it now)


    The families of the death row inmates have announced that they will be assembling in front of the Karaj District Attorney at 9 am on Sunday, April 12th. The International Committee Against Execution requests that everyone protest against this crime in unity and regardless of where you are.


    The Secretariat at the International Committee Against Execution


    April 11, 2015