Saman Nasim’s sister: “We are not sure if Saman has been executed.”

Saman Nasim’s sister: “We are not sure if Saman has been executed.”

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    The campaign to defend civil and political prisoners in Iran has announced that Saman Nasim has been executed in Urmia prison on Thursday morning, Feb.20, 2015.

    None of the Iranian authorities or Iranian official media have been officially confirmed or announced Nasim’s execution, though.It is when they have not deny it as well.

    There are several non-confirmed announcements from different sources that support both sides of story.

    In an interview that Hesam Yousefi had with Nasim’s sister, Nasrin Nasim, on Friday Feb21 at 3 pm Tehran time, she said,” We are not sure if Saman has been executed”.

    She added, “If the government have executed my brother, why haven’t they announce it yet, also why they have not release his body to us. If he is not executed, why they don’t let us visit him in the prison. Or at least why they don’t allowed my parents to talk to him over the phone, so that we could be sure for his safety.”

    She continues:” if he still is alive we have to do our best to save him, because he was only seventeen when he was arrested, and he did not committed any crime. Therefore, he should not be executed. If he has been already executed we have every right to get the news from the authorities as soon as possible and they have to return his body to our family.”

    According to Mina Ahadi, the spoke person of the International committee against execution, the regime of Iran is keeping us in limbo by not announcing any confirmed news about Nasim’s statues. She also mentioned that we had to put pressure on the Iranian Judicial Authorities to officially release confirmed news about Saman Nasim’ situation.

    International committee against execution

    Feb.20, 2015.